Short Take Politics

The nightmare of no publicity is bad publicity

Somehow, 34 felonies, two impeachments, a sex assault conviction, falling asleep in court – somewhere in there is a joke about a cockroach surviving nuclear war.

Southern Baptist pervert goes to Hell

Imagine the outrage if the Pope himself, instead of being complicit in sex abuse, was actually a perpetrator. Paul Pressler, President of the Southern Baptist Convention that pushed prosperity gospel and defiled the word of Jesus has died. He was 93 and accused by at least 7 men of having abused them as boys.…

Undocumented spouses gain protection

President Biden will be signing an executive order to protect undocumented spouses from deportation. This may mean Melania gets to stay. She could have been subject to deportation since she came here on a tourist visa and worked illegally.…

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