Short Take Politics

This mostly from Heather Cox Richardson, the most erudite commentator in America today:

It was 1950. Sen. Margaret Chase stood up as a Republican in a parallel time to now. Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s fear mongering was the rage. Chase wanted to replace President Harry Truman’s Democratic administration—for which she had plenty of harsh words—with a Republican regime but not one “that lacks political integrity or intellectual honesty would prove equally disastrous to this nation.”

“I do not want to see the Republican party ride to political victory on the Four Horsemen of Calumny—Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry, and Smear. . . .

“As an American, I condemn a Republican Fascist just as much as I condemn a Democrat Communist,” she said. “They are equally dangerous to you and me and to our country. As an American, I want to see our nation recapture the strength and unity it once had when we fought the enemy instead of ourselves.”

Meanwhile in the documents case

Judge Aileen Cannon is so meticulous in every matter it is moving at a snail's pace and it is also impossible to tell what she is thinking or how she might rule.

Biden campaign may be hopeless

Is reminding voters about the botched Covid response, the nightmare in Charlottesville and January 6 enough to convince undecided voters to support President Biden. If it’s not, there will be more nightmares.…

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