3 weeks of new garbage


New garbage service a learning experience

Week 1, good; Week 2 a day late; Week 3?

The first week of new garbage service, a Casella’s truck was on time. Workers walked behind. All was picked up.

Week 2 they were a day late, Wednesday rather than tuesday

Week 3, a white Premier Truck like the ones stored on Witmer Road picked up the north side of our street at 7:35 a.m. At 8:40 a.m., a 2nd truck came by and picked up the empty cans all over again. Our cans remain uncollected.

It makes me think: If the driver isn’t actually watching the contents dump, how will they know if someone dumps paint cans, motor oil or worse?

A while later, a rusted out traditional truck with nonwhite workers came by and picked up our recycling. A supervisory vehicle with two middle-aged guys tailed behind.

The supervisors both exited. One placed the recycling can back on the curb and spoke to the worker who left it in the street.

I went out and spoke to the supervisor in the passenger street about the truck picking up empty cans while our side hadn’t been touched and how they were a day late last week.

“It’s only our 3rd week” he said. “We will get better.”

“There are two trucks, not communicating” was his way of explaining the double collection.

I asked where our garbage was going. He said a transfer station in West Seneca and then either to the Waste Management landfill in Chafee or Casella’s landfill in Angelica.

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