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Short Take Sports:

Sabres fall below expectations

I thought they’d miss by 1. Now they have 3 meaningless games to play. My bet: They replace the assistants. The Top 6 is Benson, Thompson, Tuch; then Cozens, Quinn, Peterka; they add a couple vet grinder types for the 4th line; Skinner, Krebs and the best from Roch becomes Line 3; D pairs are Dahlin/Byram; Power/Samuelsson and Johnson/Clifton. Bryson is D 7. Jokiharju gets dumped for a low forward.

At least they have goalies.

The home spin

They battled, just not hard enough.

Bills add depth tackle

La’el Collins didn’t play last year but he has a boatload of career starts.…

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