Nate McMurray's take on Niagara Falls

(This from @natemcmurray on Twitter. He is running for the House of Representatives against machine candidate Tim Kennedy.)

The state of Niagara Falls is a national embarrassment, and the blame lies squarely on our leaders' shoulders.

I spoke to a national reporter today after the #Eclipse2024 about the disheartening situation at Niagara Falls. It's essentially a tale of two cities, a real-life drama with a waterfall playing the lead role. On one bank, particularly in Canada, there's such an economic boom that you'd half expect to find money trees instead of maples. Then, merely a stone's throw away, on the other side? You'd think you've wandered onto the set of a post-apocalyptic movie.

The reporter compared it to the contrast between Tijuana and San Diego—same sunny skies, same picturesque mountains, yet they're worlds apart. I added my observations from a trip to Banff, where luxury seems almost commonplace. There, five-star dining is as ubiquitous as the squirrels on Goat Island, and the ski slopes are magnets for the global elite.

But if you take the number of visitors to Banff and triple it, that's the crowd Niagara attracts. So, where does all the money go? Despite these crowds, the grandeur of Niagara seems to fall through the cracks of Western New York's attention, like mist slipping through your fingers.

Why do the local bigwigs treat caring about Niagara as if it's only a part-time job? Why is Buffalo the local star? This natural wonder, Niagara Falls, gets treated like it's the last pick in a game of dodgeball, overlooked by those who should be its biggest fans. And frankly, I'm over it. I’m angry. It’s dumb policy by dumb people.

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