Short Take politics

Smart Pillow guy in ruins

Apparently, slandering election machine companies ends with you getting sued for defamation, lawyers are expensive and Smart Pillow is failing. Who knew?

Eastman facing disbarment

Apparently, attempting to scheme up a way to steal the Presidential election for the Biggest Loser by breaking the law and lying has consequences including losing your law license. So it goes for John Eastman.

Nixon argued he was above the law

Remember the David Frost interviews? It was Richard Nixon who first posited he was above the law because he was President. President Ford argued that by accepting a pardon, President Nixon was admitting guilt. It was not so, an will not be so for the ex-President.

Revisiting the Joe McCarthy

The conspiracy monger spread fear and hatred with scant evidence. Those who stood up to him faced persecution. The b bullying tactics still work today.…

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