Short Take Politics

Israelis execute journalists

In an act almost as brutal as when the Saudis executed Jamal Khashoggi, the Israelis used a drone strike to take out two journalists examining an Israeli strike in Ghaza with a drone available at Best Buy. Neither murdered scribe has any suspected military or terrorist connection.

NPR goes longform on MAGA rally

Below is a link to a fascinating longform article that compares the phenomenon of Trump rallies to a Phish concert where acolytes wait for hours and celebrate in a quasi-religious way. They are detached from reality but packed with energy akin to a concert or football game celebrating for a few hours, ready to embrace every ounce of rhetoric without ever really understanding what their policies would mean to their lives.

Putin, Ukraine blame each other

The only thing certain is 133 people or more died in a mass-shooting in Moscow. Vladimir Putin blames Ukraine. Ukraine claims it was a false-flag operation. Who knows the truth?

Drones changing agriculture

Drones are cheaper and more efficient than tractors for a wide array of agricultural uses.…

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