Short Take Politics

Senator Biden retained records

A scathing report from a Special Counsel says former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden retained records in the garage of his Delaware home that didn’t belong to him. It does not appear he will be prosecuted, in part because a jury would see him as frail and elderly. The difference between the documents in the bathroom at Mara-a-Lago and those Biden is accused of keeping is Biden cooperated. The ex-President obstructed and destroyed evidence.

All Amendments matter. Except the 14th

So it appears that despite the death of office Brian Sicknick and four other people, and 100s of convictions, the Supreme Court is not convinced the Jan. 6 visit to the Capitol was an insurrection or even a riot so the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to the ex-President’s new candidacy.

Tucker Carlson interviews Putin

The former Fox star is struggling for relevance. He is now spreading Russian propaganda by aiding and abetting war criminals.…

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