Spending a week one day in Atlanta's airport

We spent a week in Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson Airport 10 January days or so ago.

Actually it was a day, 6 hours or so to be exact thanks to Delta Airlines.

The place is like a gigantic shopping mall, with bars, bookstores and even a PF Chang's. We had never eaten there before. I was skeptical but our server Duran was great was great to encounter when "Hungry Like a Wolf." We split chicken pad Thai. The whole PF experience was way better than expected. Even the crab wontons.

I also stopped at a newsstand and bought a copy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. I had a visceral reaction. Only few years ago we received the Buffalo News daily to our roadside tube. Today, I almost never hold an actual newspaper. To hear the crinkle and smell the ink as you fold section A backward is something I miss.

The AJC was 30 pages on a Tuesday. It even had color comics.

I always read papers in order and reassemble them when finished.

One article fascinated me. A University of Michigan computer scientist, serving as an expert witness in a trial over the security of touch screen election screens, demonstrated for the court that with a few simple tools, including a pen, a USB and a $10 voter ID he could trick the machine in a matter of minutes.

He flipped a theoretical election between George Washington and Benedict Arnold.

Before you get into a tizzy, please understand, the expert demonstrated it was possible. No one is suggesting it happened.

In the sports section, columnist Mark Bradley adroitly observed the Falcons need a head coach but their need for a QB is even greater.

Meanwhile, in the Chicago airport I talked to a Mexican named Miguel fully decked out in hi-viz foul weather gear. He had never been north of Texas before and was traumatized by having to train in Wisconsin. Now he was on the journey back and taking no chances.

He said he was an engineer specializing in agricultural robotics. Robots pick fruits and vegetables more efficiently and cheaper than humans.

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