OTB SCANDAL with Current State of Niagara & NYS GOP Leadership

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The OTB Chairman Wojtaszek & his Board of Directors are in Damage Control Status at the Moment. This is due to the current findings of The State & Erie County Comptrollers, including State and possible Federal Investigations All of a sudden Both the OTB Chair (a former Niagara Legislator) via some minions within The Niagara County Republican & NYS GOP Leadership are trying to ‘SPIN’ this as a Democrat VS. Republican, Red Vs Blue States, Red Vs Blue Towns or County issue when it clearly IS NOT! Even as a Non-RINO Republican (Republican In Name Only) I say “Shame on NYS Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt & Rep Claudia Tenney!” for engaging in this FALSE narrative! This is all focused on the upcoming Political Primary & Fall General Elections of 2023. WE THE PEOPLE & TAXPAYERS of WNY say We’ve had ENOUGH! The issue of CORRUPTION & Abuse of Taxpayers' Resources is NOT limited or exclusive to any Political Ideology, Political Party, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, or Socio-Economic Status! JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL!! The NIAGARA & ERIE TAXPAYERS COALITION. Kevin E Aleong: aka 🇺🇸Kevin From Pendleton.🇺🇸

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