Niagara Falls is trash outside the Federal area

Sometimes criticism of Niagara Falls is justified. Sometimes, however, it is a glowing bastion of ignorance.

Hudson Valley Post darkened my email with this nonsense:

Niagara Falls as the 13th worst tourist trap in the United States.

"The area surrounding this federally protected area is a tourist trap of the first rank," 24/7 Wall Street writes. "Americans and Canadians alike have attempted to cash in on the incredible wonder that is Niagara Falls. In doing so, the area around the Falls in both countries is an endless barrage of touristy kitsch."

Sounds real until you realize there is no “federally protected” area. It is a state park, morons. Of course, it would be better with the Feds in charge because we wouldn’t have to deal with it as a profit center used to subsidize losing operations elsewhere.…

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