Heavy rain brings raw sewage to river


The Chuck Schumer plume was in heavy flow in the Niagara River Wednesday after torrential downpour.

That’s what I call the stream of effluent that flows into the river north of the Rainbow Bridge after every heavy rain.

Schumer presided over a $1 trillion infrastructure bill signed into law by President Biden that did nothing for Niagara Falls.

He comes here every year or so for a Rainbow Bridge photo op but does nothing for our city.

The most recent instance of Chuck using our city as a backdrop was two weeks ago when he came to tell us about “flagpoling.”

The term was so obscure we had to look up why he was grandstanding. Canadian immigrants come to the states to be intentionally denied entry so they can get their work permits renewed.

As he spoke before the bridge, below, in the river, supposedly treated effluent flowed.

I smelled it the day of the eclipse, with national media gathered on the viewing platform by the Maid of the Mist elevator. Disgusting and disgraceful. My regret is I didn't make a big stink about it because maybe then, someone would give a shit.

If the Waterboard had been on the ball, it would have had an oops during the eclipse and released blackwater into the river. As it was, as the national media gather on the viewing platform for the eclipse, the dank smell of raw sewage hung in the air. It was disgraceful.

Rep. Tim Kennedy, anointed as Brian Higgins successor, stood in the background as Schumer spoke and kept his mouth shut, a dutiful lackey.

The community genuflected to Higgins as he squirmed off to rescue Shea’s Buffalo. I don’t care if he got a new Zamboni for Hyde Park Rink. He, and Schumer, spent a trillion dollars without fixing our wastewater treatment plant. Do we really matter?

Don’t forget Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, either. Has she ever visited Niagara Falls? We know Chuck is the capo de tuti, but come on.

And how is it that our State Representatives are silent? Where is Assemblyman Angelo Morinello? Where is State Sen. Majority Leader Rob Ortt? I know they represent the gerrymandered districts of Niagara County, answering to white America rather than a wonder of the world, but the inaction, and silence is disgraceful.

They need to address the problem because the taxpayers don't have it and our city government is a hopeless SNAFU. We need to work together to Make Niagara Falls Great Again.

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